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The Fastest GPU on the Market is

NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs Deliver Up to 6x Faster AI Training Than NVIDIA A100 GPUs

Our on-demand NVIDIA H100 GPUs are expected early 2023 and our NVIDIA H100 bare metal clusters in Lambda Cloud will be available for reserved contracts shortly thereafter.

Here's what comes with an NVIDIA H100 reserved contract:

Coming to Lambda Cloud

  • Clusters come with bare metal NVIDIA H100 GPU servers, optional CPU nodes and storage for a complete solution right out of the box

  • Up to 3200 Gbps node to node bandwidth (the fastest of any cloud provider!), great for training large language models

  • Access to a dedicated support team of Linux engineers, with Lambda Premium Support upgrade available

  • Flexible minimum contract commitment of just 6 months to get started

Experience the power of NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs through Lambda Cloud. Keep in touch and be the first to know when Lambda's NVIDIA H100 reserved clusters are available.